An article Ildiko wrote for The Therapist, California's MFT magazine, about her experiences in the MOMS program, an intensive outpatient program for those struggling with perinatal mood disorders, mostly post partum depression. Ildiko worked with the mothers who were patients at the hospital and was instrumental in starting weekly groups for the partners of the mothers.

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A short reflection from the time Ildiko worked at a counseling center for high schoolers

Adolescent Counseling Services blog entry

Academic paper on process group therapy

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individuals, couples,

families, and groups

My therapy style is ...

  • interactive
  • responsive to your needs
  • collaborative
  • compassionate and authentic
  • direct yet gentle
  • respectful and supportive of your needs and goals

  • I invite you to be curious about the workings of your mind! I offer a safe space to start this journey together.

    People seek the help of a psychotherapist when they are in distress or emotional pain. We are all faced with various degrees of stress throughout our life and we handle these in various ways. Sometimes we are more successful with it, sometimes less so. The role of psychotherapy is to help the person through these hardships in life and potentially help gain something useful from the experience rather than just surviving it.

    My approach to psychotherapy comes from the psychodynamic orientation and I bring in my own style, my previous experiences and understanding of human behaviors.

    I work with people on their anxieties and worries that manifest in many areas of life – mental, emotional, or physical complaints. These layers all influence each other and long lasting relief will come if we explore the underlying cause to the turmoil on all levels. For those with family issues, we also explore family dynamics – parents with extra stresses to their own career and personal growth, and adolescents finding their own individual expression. Working with a holistic approach is satisfying for the individual and provides interpersonal relief. My approach to therapy is psychodynamic, being curious about effective and meaningful ways to heal one's painful experiences while also looking for ways to open up more space for meaning and creativity in one's life. I take pride in creating a safe space so these explorations could emerge.

    Appointments, fees, policies

    Ildiko Ran, MFT, CGP

    Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

    Certified Group Psychotherapist


    Populations served:

    Adolescents and adults are welcome - individuals, families, and groups


    My practice is open to new individual clients. If you are interested in participating in group therapy or support groups please inquire about the availability and beginning of the next group session.

    Initial contact:

    Please contact me at (650) 353-8885 or email to schedule an initial consultation where you will share with me what you are looking for and you can get a glimpse into what I have to offer. If you are interested in working with me but you are uncertain how it would feel to be in ongoing therapy, I recommend that you come for three to five sessions and then we discuss if we consider our cooperation a good match.

    While an initial phone call is a useful way to establish contact, I usually recommend that we meet in person to talk and discuss all your questions. This way, in a face-to-face conversation, while we exchange important information and practical details you will also get a general sense that will help you make the decision.

    I encourage you to "shop around". I believe that you could benefit from working with different therapists and personal contact is needed in order to decide whom you will share this intimate journey with. I am happy to meet with you knowing that I am not the only therapist you are "interviewing".


    My current rates are:

  • individuals: $120 per 50 min session
  • couples: $150 per 60 min session
  • groups: $70 per 90 min session, paid in monthly increments ($300/month)
  • I maintain a 24 hour cancellation policy for individuals and couples. If cancelled within 24 hours, you are responsible for the charge, if cancelled beyond 24 hours, you can reschedule that session within the month. For groups there is no cancellation. (for further details on groups policies see my group website.


    About Ildiko

    I specialize in individual and group therapy with adolescents and adults. Having worked at settings like adolescent and college counseling centers, a hospital intensive outpatient program, and a non-profit clinic providing parenting classes for divorcing couples, I bring my expertise from working with diverse populations into my private practice. I have used extensively approaches like CBT, Mindfulness, psychodynamic, family systems, and brief therapy. My interpersonal style is warm, encouraging, and honest.

    I will help you build on your strengths and achieve your goals. I will provide you with a creative space where we examine together your distress and find new ways to live life to the fullest.

    Information about available groups

    Grow your roots and Blossom (Palo Alto, CA)

    A women's group for those recently relocated to Silicon Valley.

    This group is for you if you moved here recently and left your extended family and friends behind. In this support group we share the loss of previous support system and find new meaning in connecting with others, as you create a new life for yourselves and your families.

    Location: Deborah's Palm - A Community for Women in Palo Alto (NOT at main office in Mountain View)

    Start date: September 8th. meeting times: Monday 10-11.30am. An 8 week commitment is recommended.

    Fee: $40 per week. Prepay 8 weeks for $310.

    Wise Mind Skills (San Mateo, CA)

    Currently we are interviewing for this coed therapy group. Starting date: Ocotber 20, 2014.

    This group is co-facilitated by Ildiko Ran and Francine Sanfilippo. To learn more about Francine please visit her website:

    This group focuses on coping skills that you might be using in your everyday life to live a fuller, happier life. This group is for you if you need some support to guide you and give you feedback on your progress with your interpersonal relationships. We are incorporating CBT, Mindfulness, and DBT skills and use them according to the group participants' needs.

    Group members participate in this safe, interpersonally oriented group. All members bring up issues that they are struggling with, and receive feedback from others, in a supportive environment.

    Assessment: *Assessment will take place on October 20th. This group meets twice a week for 60 min each time.*

    Call to register (650)353-8885.

    Skills and Support (Mountain View, CA)

    Currently we are interviewing for this coed therapy group. Please call to schedule your assessment session. The group will start in October 2014.

    Group members participate in this safe, interpersonally oriented group. All members bring up issues that they are struggling with, and receive feedback from others, in a supportive environment.

    Assessment: Prior to beginning the group, there are two assessment sessions, to insure the group is a good fit.

    Call to schedule your initial individual meeting (650)353-8885.

    Interpersonal Process Group (Los Altos, CA)

    Co-facilitated with Edna Wallace, LMFT, LCCP, CGP. For more information on Edna's background please visit her website:

    Currently we are interviewing for this coed group. Please call to schedule your assessment session (650)353-8885.

    This group provides a safe and supportive environment.

    We focus on individual goals while growing self-awareness and interpersonal effectiveness.

    Assessment: Prior to beginning the group, there are two assessment sessions, to insure the group is a good fit.


    Ildiko's group website:

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